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Home Safety Check List


Fire can happen at any time and spreads rapidly through your home, leaving you as little as two minutes to escape once the smoke alarm sounds.  Some simple safety precautions can prevent this preventable tragedy.  Take a few minutes to go through this safety check list to ensure you are doing everything possible to protect your family from fire.



Clean any grease on hood.

Have a fire extinguisher nearby.                       

Do not overload electrical outlets.                                                 







Do not overload electrical outlets.                  

Replace any frayed wires                                            .

Do not run wires under carpet.

Properly guard fireplace with a mesh screen.

Keep furniture, draperies, and anything flammable away from fireplace.





BEDROOMS & HALLWAYS                                                                                                             


Smoke alarms should be installed near all sleeping areas, on every level.

Check smoke alarms monthly, replace batteries yearly.

Do not obstruct walkways.

Keep space heaters away from bed, drapes, or anything flammable.

Do not overload electrical outlets.

No ash trays near beds, and never smoke in bed.







Ensure proper storage of flammable liquids.

Do not store combustibles too near heat source.

Keep electrical box securely closed.

Store pool chemicals in a safe place, away from children and pets.

Have a working smoke alarm installed in the garage or storage room.

Have a fire extinguisher nearby.

Store gasoline in a safe, approved container.

Store rags in air tight containers.

Keep garage and storage area clean and uncluttered.

Keep lawn mower tank empty.                          






        Have a fire escape plan including a meeting place for all family members to meet.  Practice with your family several times a year.

        Install and maintain smoke alarms as needed.

        Have at least one fire extinguisher readily accessible and be familiar with its operation.

        Never smoke in bed.

        Do not overload electrical outlets.

        Have heating and cooling systems checked annually.

        Keep dryer vent clean and free of lint and never run dryer when you’re away from home. 




Palm Harbor Fire Rescue provides free home safety inspections as well as free smoke alarms.  Call 784-0454 for more information or to schedule an appointment.









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