As an Independent special district defined by Florida Statutes, Palm Harbor Fire Rescue has a Board of five Fire Commissioners. Commissioners must live within the boundaries of the Fire District and are elected to four year terms.

The Board has the responsibility for approving department policy, the adoption of the annual budget and millage rate, and oversight of all department resources. Currently the Fire District Millage cap is 2.0. This means for each $1000.00 in property value a tax payer would pay $2.00 in fire tax. each year the millage rate is set to reflect the funds necessary to fund the current budget. The Board of Commissioners have been very active in finding ways to give the taxpayers the best value for their tax dollars.

The Board of Commissioners of Palm Harbor Special Fire Control and Rescue District hold regular monthly meetings the second Monday of each month, at 6:00 p.m., Fire Station 65, 250 West Lake Road, Palm Harbor. The public is invited to attend.

Commissioner Casey Cane


Casey Cane

Term: 2020-2024

Commissioner Julie Peluso


(Chair) Julie Peluso

Term: 2022-2026

Commissioner Jim Nelson


 Jim Nelson

Term: 2020-2024


Commissioner Stu Williams


Stu Williams

Term: 2022-2026


Commissioner Kelli Snow


Kelli Snow

Term: 2020-2024