Palm Harbor Fire Rescue organized the Fire Prevention Bureau in 1986. Palm Harbor's tremendous population growth in the early 80's created a need for increased public awareness in fire and life safety. The goal established for the Fire Prevention and Public Education Bureau was to prevent fires before they occur. This goal has been modified to add "Promoting Safety Through Education".

The Fire Prevention Bureau is staffed by a Fire Marshal, a Fire Prevention Officer/Inspector, a full-time and a part-time Public Education/Information Officer. Educators are required to hold a minimum educational level of a bachelor's degree.  All fire suppression personnel are trained to the company in-service inspector level.  With this combination of personnel, the department is able to annually conduct over 2,000 business inspections, as well as providing injury prevention programs to tens of thousands of citizens each year.

This system of inspections is designed so most of the routine business inspections are conducted by shift personnel.  The Fire Prevention Bureau inspects the more complicated structures within the district, as well as performing all required inspections in state regulated facilities such as day care centers, foster care, ALFs, and nursing homes.  If suppression personnel determine that an inspection exceeds their level of expertise, or if a business fails to conform to code requirements, then the Fire Prevention Bureau staff is notified.  This relationship has proven to be both successful and productive.  The Bureau surveys certain businesses within the district for annual and semi-annual inspections. The district covers over 1,800 named and open to the public businesses which require annual inspections.

The Fire Prevention Bureau is a vital part of the district's overall operation by providing a pro-active approach toward life safety.
Palm Harbor Fire Rescue Education - Campfires, Open Flame Outdoor Cooking, Open Burning document

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Palm Harbor Fire Rescue Exhibits and Trade Shows Permitting Application-2017

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Notice to business owners: Aldridge/Benge Firefighter Safety Act

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Palm Harbor Fire Rescue Education - Outdoor Event Vendor Guidelines-2017

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Palm Harbor Fire Rescue Fire and Life Safety Fee Schedules-June 2011

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Palm Harbor Fire Rescue Firefighter Safety warning signs for structures with light-frame truss-type floor and/or roof construction document -2017

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Fire Code Grills.pdf

Fire Code Grills.pdf