The Operations Division is led by a Deputy Chief. Through this division, the Department provides first responder advanced life support, fire suppression, heavy rescue, hazardous materials response, and marine rescue response. This is accomplished by staffing four strategically located fire stations with personnel cross-trained as Firefighter/Paramedics or Firefighter/EMTs. The shift Operation’s personnel work 24 hour shifts. Each shift works 24 hours on duty, followed by 48 hours off. Each shift is assigned, 1 District Chief (Shift Commander), 5 Lieutenants (Company Officer, 1 on each apparatus), and 12 Firefighter/EMTs/Paramedics.


Palm Harbor Fire Rescue contracts with the Pinellas County Emergency Medical Services Authority to provide first responder advanced life support services. The Department performs this function using the resources noted above. This contract is performance based, therefore, PHFR must meet the defined response times and staffing levels required by the contract. There are incentives built into the Contract which provide additional funding for levels of service above the minimum.


All communication services, including 911 access, countywide dispatch, and a countywide computer network for incident reporting, among other record keeping functions, are handled by Pinellas County Emergency Communications.


The boundaries for the Palm Harbor Fire Rescue District are Klosterman Road to the north, Curlew Road to the south. The western border is the Gulf of Mexico, but includes the barrier islands off the coast and Lake Tarpon and the outfall canal to the east.

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