Palm Harbor Fire Rescue Support Services is charged with supporting any needs of the organization. Support Services includes emergency medical services, training, fire prevention, public education, facility maintenance, and is led by a deputy chief.

The emergency medical services (EMS) division is responsible for ensuring all personnel remains compliant with the standards of the State of Florida and Pinellas County regarding EMS training and certifications. This division is managed by a district chief who also oversees the Department's safety program.

The training division plans, develops, and delivers training to all PHFR members, and ensures compliance with Insurance Service Office standards and local policies. A district chief leads this division.

Fire Prevention is led by a fire marshal who is responsible for managing the Department's community risk reduction program. This division is tasked with enforcing all applicable life safety and fire code requirements of the National Fire Protection Association, Florida Fire Prevention Code, and other local ordinances.

Public Education is staffed by a full-time public education/information officer and one part-time public education officer. These members are responsible for community outreach and public education. It is common to find the educators in schools and at community events teaching fire safety to the community.